Our Story

EGODEATH Supplements is a brand that has been created to buck the trend a little by delivering well thought out formulas that are designed to be taken daily. The idea behind EGODEATH is to buck the trend, we want to make it ok for people to take a few plates off their barbells and squat deeper. We will never pay for followers, influencers or positive reviews. We want everything to be genuine and organic from the very beginning.

We aim to use the most cutting edge compliant ingredients, we have no interest in “filler” or buzz ingredients and trends that don't translate into a genuine benefit in the user experience. I'm sure you know what we mean, things such as under-dosed Ashwaghanda in fat burners and minuscule doses of Lions Mane in nootropics. Egodeath goes for effective doses and uncluttered formulas, the less is more approach with full transparency.

The idea is that a newby could pick up our products and enjoy them, perhaps starting at half dose, and hardened stim heads / supplement aficionados would be blown away at full doses. But once gain everything we do should be suitable for daily use, the EGODEATH philosophy is that there is no point having a product that gets scintillating reviews only to be put back in the cupboard and gather dust  because the come down is too much, or their CNS feels burnt out and frazzled or stomachs are upset - thats just another form of ego in our industry and it does not translate to a practical tool for people to enhance their daily grind.

We are pushing for a new dimension of potent products with flexible dosing, why have a full scoop when half is perfect for you? Why lift 100kg when 50kg at high rep is giving you better hypertrophy? Or perhaps the other way around? It's your journey.

Less Ego = More Gains